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Our Unique System

Broad Run Brewing's unique system is all-electric - there are no propane burners or flames such as are found in the typical home brewery. This allows the system to be operated indoors without danger to the brewmaster, or to the antique motorcycles which share garage space. A 5500 watt hot water heater element is used in the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) and in the Boil Kettle (BK). The temperature of the mash water is maintained by recirculating it from the Mash Tun (MT) through a stainless steel heat exchange coil in the HLT.

Broad Run Brewing's unique system is browser-based. The Brewmaster operates the system from a web browser screen in the brewery. The system can also be monitored and controlled from any browser in our home's wireless network, including my wife's tablet. This allows the Brewmaster the freedom to roam about, yet still be in complete control.

The server computer in the brewery provides a status report to every browser once per second. Commands issued at a browser are relayed through the server to the Control Panel which contains electrical relays to turn the pumps and heating elements on and off, and an RTD interface module to obtain real-time temperature readings from the three kettles.

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