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Tsawwassen Ferry is a redux of the Chinooky Nanook of the North from this spring. I'll probably tone down the Chinook's distinctive aroma with Cascade or Belma a little in the final recipe - hence the name change to the ferry terminal near Vancouver.
Brew: September 2014 — Ready: Sept/October 2014

For 10 gallons of finished beer
Amt Unit Description
24 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM)
2 lbs Crystal 60, 2-Row (60.0 SRM)
1 lbs Carapils (1.5 SRM)
2.5 oz Chinook [14.60 %] - Boil 60.0 min
2 oz Cascade [4.70 %] - Boil 10.0 min
2 pkg California Ale (White Labs #WLP001)
1.5 oz Cascade [4.70 %] - Dry Hop 5.0 Days
0.5 oz Chinook [14.60 %] - Dry Hop 5.0 Days
  Mash at 149 °F.
Review:  Unlike Nanook, this one didn't lose the Chinooky taste as time went on. A kind of dry bitterness lingered.   Bye-bye 2012-crop Chinook.

Coming Late November 2014

Pole Climber – Telephone poles used to have spikes in them, so linemen could climb up the poles to make repairs. This 7.9% ABV Scotch Ale will get you started on your way up. Or knock you back down.

For 10 gallons of finished beer
Amt Unit Description
28 lbs Maris Otter (4.0 SRM)
2 lbs Crystal 60, 2-Row (60.0 SRM)
2 lbs Peat Smoked Malt (2.8 SRM)
2 lbs Victory Malt (25.0 SRM)
8 oz Roasted Barley (500.0 SRM)
2 oz Fuggles - US [4.20 %] - Boil 60.0 min
2 oz Goldings - US [5.30 %] - Boil 60.0 min
2 pkg Edinburgh Ale (White Labs #WLP028)


For 18 gallons of Edinburgh Water
Amt Unit Description
18 gal Water from Broad Run, Virginia
10.7 g Baking Soda (Mash 60.0 mins)
9.72 g Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) (Mash 60.0 mins)
9.28 g Epsom Salt (MgSO4) (Mash 60.0 mins)
2.01 g Chalk (Mash 60.0 mins)
0.7 g Salt (Mash 60.0 mins)

Coming December 2014

A Printer's Devil was an apprentice who got all the really dirty jobs - like cleaning ink from movable type, and then sorting the letters back into the type boxes. Covered with black ink, they looked like they came from the underworld.

Black IPA's were all the rage in 2012-2013, although I'm not sure why. Always après-garde, this intensely citrus and grapefruit IPA will be mightily disguised by the deep brown color.
Brew: November 2014 — Ready: late December 2014

For 10 gallons of finished beer
Amt Unit Description
2 tsp Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate)
23 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM)
2 lbs Black (Patent) Malt (500.0 SRM)
2 lbs Crystal 60, 2-Row (60.0 SRM)
1 lbs Carapils (Briess) (1.5 SRM)
2 oz Amarillo [9.60 %] - First Wort 15.0 min
3 oz Citra [12.90 %] - Boil 60.0 min
2 pkg California Ale (White Labs #WLP001)
1 oz Amarillo [9.60 %] - Dry Hop 5 Days
1 oz Citra [12.90 %] - Dry Hop 5 Days

Recipes – unless otherwise specified – Yeast starter at 80% BeerSmith recommended level, stir-plate for 18-24 hours. Single infusion mash for 90 minutes at specified temperature. Mash ratio 1.25 or 1.50 qt/lb. Mashout at 168°F. Fly sparge. Boil 60 minutes. Primary fermentation at 68-70°F for 10 days. Secondary at 68-70°F for 10 days (or more). Cold crash 38°F for 2 days (or more). Transfer to serving kegs, store at 38°F.

Broad Run, Virginia water:  Ca: 74 ppm   Mg: 10 ppm   Na: 6 ppm   SO4: 8 ppm   Cl: 15 ppm   HCO3: 96 ppm

No Clones!  All our beers are unique. While we do try to match the style of some famous brews, we don't try to clone them. We purchase a year's supply of whole hop flowers at the end of each growing season, and we limit the number of varieties to those we can use up in a year's time, so they won't get stale. Life's too short to drink stale beer!

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