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Broad Run Brewing's unique "Electronic Brewery" produces 10 gallons of delicious beer from about $50 of ingredients, which works out to $3 per six-pack or 50 cents a glass. Styles requiring imported malt or hops may run $4. Broad Run's annual production of 200 gallons is only available in our Tasting Room, my garage, which is not open to the public. But friends and family are always welcome.

Broad Run has three or four beers on tap at all times. Our signature beers are American Pale Ale and India Pale Ale. Both are hoppy styles which use malted barley from the midwest, and hops grown in the Pacific northwest. Our specialty beers encompass a wide range of different styles, which largely depends on what I'm in the mood to brew this month. Check in at our Tasting Room and see what's on tap now.

I would love to sell fresh local beer to Warrenton, Virginia restaurants, but alas, that will never be. Federal, state and county licenses, monthly production reports and excise tax payments, and a host of other requirements make this impractical unless I were able to produce a whole lot of beer. But then it would change from a pleasant hobby into a full-time job, which kinda takes the fun out of it. Sorry, Warrenton.

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