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Control Panel

Our control panel simply has an ON button, and OFF button and a power indicator lamp. We started with ideas from The Electric Brewery, but moved all the switches and knobs to the browser, and the PID functionality into the server software.

Instead of knobs and switches, ours has has a Digital Input-Output module which receives ASCII commands from the computer and activates the electrical relays to turn the pumps and heating elements on and off. The RTD Sensor module reads analog signals from the temperature-sensing RTDs and delivers ASCII readings to the computer.

Our mechanical and solid-state relays are similar to those in The Electric Brewery, but we sourced almost all of our electrical components from Eaton/Cutler-Hammer. We also mounted most of our components on industry-standard DIN rails. Here's a detailed view of the components inside.

One of our friends designs process-control systems for sewage treatment plants. He remarked that our control panel looks much like the equipment he designs. We're pretty sure that's a compliment  ;--)

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